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Category: Apps
Developer: Visual Blasters LLC
Latest Version: 3.3.6 update 4 days ago
Requirements: Android 5.0+
Age: 3+
Size: 71 Mb

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Flipaclip - together it will allow an adult to fulfill his childhood dream, and kids will be happy to create their own cartoon. It will be very easy and exciting to create your own project, or maybe a whole serial film. The application is designed for mobile devices with the Android system.
The application looks like a regular drawing editor, but in fact it is a very handy cartoon drawing program. Previously, drawing one part of a cartoon took months to perfect every frame. Now you can create your project in minutes. But of course, to create something special you will have to make an effort.
In the application, you do not need to draw details and the smallest elements. You just need to create the main frames, and the program will combine them into a cartoon itself. Each element in the application has its own structure - a body and a skeleton. You, using your Android smartphone or tablet, create the basic elements on the screen for the first frame. Then, by moving certain points on the skeleton of the elements, you create the next frames, turning the characters and objects in the right direction. Since the application will independently create animation, you can make every effort to define the general idea of the cartoon and to write its plot. You can either draw all the animation elements, or add ready-made pictures, or even use photos on your phone, which gives great opportunities.
You can move all the elements on the screen, change, combine, increase and decrease the speed of movements, customize the design. The application contains many additional features and improvements to help you draw a real masterpiece. Just give free rein to your imagination, spend a little time thinking about the story and concept of your future cartoon, draw the first frame and, using the program's capabilities, create your own project, which may become the fulfillment of your dreams. Ease of control makes it possible to draw films for both adults and children without being distracted by a complex interface. You can download the full version of the Flipaclip for Android at the link below.

Download Flipaclip free for android

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